About Us

Founded in May 2002, Milkha’s Charitable Trust is encouraging sports among the villages by providing them free equipment like footballs, volleyballs, running shoes etc. to enthuse motivation amongst the youth to take up sports as a career option. Closer to home our work continues on the golf course where we assist caddies to find their feet on tour. Medicines, clothes and stationery are handed out instead of cash. Our tried and tested verification system ensures that help reaches the needy and downtrodden directly.

Together we have invested in the future through the Milkha’s Charitable Trust. We hope this provides us the fruits of our collective hard work and dedication towards the common goal of improving human life. We wish to work with the underprivileged youth of today who are deprived of the basic opportunities required to build their lives

Milkha’s Charitable Trust would like to build a Launchpad for many future-sporting heroes through our “Sports Motivation Program”. We sincerely believe that, No one can go back and change their past but anyone can start in the present and mould their future.

The program has been well received and we have been given accolades and appreciation from various quarters of society. Our future endeavour will be to sanitize our society from the evils of drug addiction by offering the youth opportunities that will enable them to choose sport above other distractions.

Our emphasis on the above ensures collaboration, innovation and results.
This initiative is our first step towards our bigger goal of contributing towards the growth of a fair and spirited society such as India. With your help we wish to increase our reach in providing better services
to the society at large.

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